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Wide Awake

by Johnny Firebird

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Of course I see, you‘re mourning after bygone times Cross my heart and hope to die you gave a fuck if someone cried and all those people were just misfits and scum Your image turned - now it‘s another one Like a witch-hunt - the guilty´s to be found Their voices fallen silent - the crowd is cheering loud treat everyone the same and let them burn we see the signs - but they‘ll never learn Selfish, Hatred, Lies Minds in black and white Gone for good, good riddance, goodbye reject and deny No friend of mine - i wonder how you‘ve ever been never thought you‘re cold like that I gotta go and won‘t regret don‘t pick me up with your poisoned mind now I have learned I‘m a different kind
Sometimes I think it’s not ok to dance Sometimes I think it’s like a game of chance Would you be my light in this cold dark world is there music in life if all the songs are unheard Think about you Did a song ever change your life Sometimes I think It’s not the time to sing Sometimes I think the whole world’s crying could you be my sound in this muted world to bring music in life and there’s no song unheard anymore
We hear them calling for hate crime We have seen this before longing for turmoil and cold times bay for blood and for war the hate in their eyes and their radical speech amass money and power - the poorest will bleed and their pied pipers tell a pack of lies to strain the truth for conspiracy in rank and file - all their puppets march but we will never give in - we will never give up It‘s a monkey business like a Punch & Judy show are you ready children are you ready to go It‘s a monkey business just a second rate are you ready everybody to smash their greed and their hate but we know how it ends different minds and torn apart building walls around their land and higher ones around their hearts all their wheeling and dealing - all the dirty deeds ram it into them - to target their needs don‘t try to get to the bottom of what they say but we will never surrender ´til they go away no final curtain call - no clapping hands we put the lights down - we stop your plans
Sometimes I can see How I wake up from a hopeless dream A broken record would you spin it on repeat If I would go back ten years and than I would see myself would I say hello or go away Hey you! What would you do? Hey you! What would you do? Would you say hello or go away? Tell me would you change a thing if I told you, you would lose your dreams broke and reckless you did nothing to be free
Again they speak out the unthinkable We‘ve got used to the radical A line of action to trick our brains To ignore - it’s just in vain And all the things they need to know it‘s all over town to achieve the only goal to spread their hate around Fake News - Fake News Sad but true - it‘s the weapon they choose Fake News - Fake News Read between the lines It‘s up to you Its the gossip from the gutter Not true - it doesn‘t matter Fake news the weapon they choose Fake news - fake news ´cause of all the things you ever said are based on a lying braid push that window to the edge to a bitter end Did you hear it Did you read it No that‘s not true Nothing but lies and deceit - so do you?
I can remember when I was sixteen years Sitting on the stairs with my friends and lots of beers And everything was far away living just for today with no thoughts about tomorrow But times were changing and years went by Stairs are empty and clean tonight Just fading spray paint on the wall It’s too late to join club 27 It‘s too late to go to rock the heaven It‘s too late for me And styles may change but the spirit remains I‘m still waiting to grow up It‘s like waiting for a bus to come but the schedule says it‘s long long gone stuck forever at the busstop But times were changing and year went by People dancing on the stairs tonight and there‘s new spray paint on the wall
I woke up and the sky was dark I woke up - still drunk I slept a day and everything has faded away Yeah what I did yesterday - Yesterday is far away I won’t wake up cause the sky is grey I am damned to stay let me sleep for days - please go away tomorrow’s just like yesterday let me lie here and waste today Oh - how do you know I was much too long so down Just woke up and the sky was red less a dream than a rise from the dead shake off the yoke - so please stay yesterday and today please stay around every day Wide awake and the sky is blue wide awake this must be true how did you know - all the burden’s far away it’s all gone, the dark and grey no more dreams of better days
You’re clean and I’m dirty and you will never turn me you’re the one to blame Always the same old story You’re just a faceless hack and everything sounds the same Everywhere uniforms and masks flat and pleasant Just take em of stay clean - I stay dirty so stop boring me - you’re pissing me off You wannabe like the wannabe before and there’s nothing that defines you nobody wants to be like you You wannabe like the wannabe before and there’s nothing that defines you nobody wants to be like you Smash away your fake days it’s like plastic waste It burns in a little while I’m sure behind your neatness there’s just emptiness Emptiness and void
I‘m blowing off the dust of my old SG I‘m playing the first songs on those rusty strings I‘ve never felt so much of this energy in the last few years I just wanna destroy my tv screen no it‘s stealing time it‘s like a thief I don‘t wanna waste my time anymore I‘m not supposed to be the last one in line the things I always loved I start to decline because now I know, yeah, now I know I‘m sick and tired of being sick and tired I throw the whiskey bottles at the wall I don‘t wanna be hungover anymore I‘m staying sober forever or at least for a week
I don‘t need fast cars, cigars, caviar, all that shit and you wonder why I don‘t care where people live, what they wear, who they are and what they buy There‘s more in life then just a career Your ideals are what i fear I can see the dollars in your eyes You are capitalism personified But I am a loser - I am a loser in your eyes I never do it right. You‘ve never left the machine You are the best oiled gear-wheel ever seen But sometimes you can feel slowly the finish starts to peel Maybe there is more then a career Maybe you will be replaced, you fear You can feel the tears in your eyes You are capitalism Personified Now tell me who is right
You‘re walking right out of the door and the headache you just can‘t ignore the weekend was crazy but Monday morning‘s got you again You missed your bus and you are too late so you are trying to walk the way your feet are so wet because of the rain It‘s one of these days when everything goes wrong no matter what you do It‘s one of these days when you gotta be strong but the world hates you Yeah just hang in there yeah just hang in there twentyfour hours to survive and everything will be alright And at work your boss is pissed there are so many tasks and all of them are missed and your fellows have the time of their life you‘re stressed out and out of luck just come down - don‘t give a fuck sometimes everyone‘s got a bad time
Out all night on Saturday shout from the rooftops into the night don‘t wanna stop ´til the night fades away dance here with you till the morning light We‘re like kings and queens without a crown and our thrones are made of dreams and we will never call a kingdom our own we leave it all behind to be free we riding into the sunlight Far away and gone for good we gonna burn all the bridges down we run away like someone‘s put us to rout our way‘s ahead so don‘t look around We were kings and queens for a single day and we built castles in the air and even when our dreams are blown away we look ahead cause we don‘t care


Bedenklich braun quillt es seit neuestem aus den bisher durch Komfortzone-Brei verstopften Abflüssen und Abgründen der menschlichen Mitte heraus. Von „Das wird man ja wohl noch sagen dürfen“-Parolen im eigenen Bekanntenkreis über den „1000 Jahre Deutschland“-Bernd bis hin zu niedereloquentem „I‘m going to build this wall“-Gesabber im Land der zerbrochenen Träume: Überall scheint sich die Welt auf einmal komplett in die falsche Richtung zu drehen. Hass statt Liebe, Ausgrenzung statt offene Arme, Neid und Xenophobie statt Altruismus. Die aktuelle Weltlage ist nicht nur besorgniserregend, sie ist zum Kotzen.

Dass eine Band, denen der Punk von Geburt an wild durch die Adern pulsiert, bei der Entstehung ihrer neuen Platte nicht umhin kommt, den Finger tief in diese Wunde zu bohren, ist klar: Johnny Firebird lieben Bier und Party genauso abgöttisch wie der Rest von uns, sehen sich aber auf WIDE AWAKE – nebst einer Menge Selbstreflexive – mehr denn je verpflichtet, nicht nur ihren gewachsenen Sound, sondern vor allem ihre liberale Botschaft in jedes erreichbare Ohr zu pusten.

Die Feuervögel sind in höchster Alarmbereitschaft und zimmern mit ihren brandheißen 12 Tracks – plus ein deutschsprachiges Bonus-Goodie – ein antirechtes Manifest in die Weiten des Genres, das trotz der mahnenden Stimmen und tiefgreifenden Texte so beschwingtes Beiwerk wie Hooks und Tanztauglichkeit nicht vernachlässigt. Auch beim Hören ihres vierten Longplayers dürften Punks und Rocker deshalb gleichermaßen ins Antlitz der Erleuchtung blicken: Dreckige AC/DC-Riffs werden von verträumten Bowie-Anleihen und schmierigen Sleazeparts abgelöst, klassische Streetpunknummern treffen authentisch auf unkitschiges Balladenwerk.

Die Feuervögel klingen reifer und wütender zugleich. Warum auch nicht? Schließlich ist die Welt ein verdammtes „Monkey Business“, Irrsinn à la „Fake News“ geistert durch sämtliche Kanäle, Idioten regieren, man fühlt sich machtlos und „Sick and Tired“, doch was die Regensburger mit WIDE AWAKE trotzdem klar machen: 1. Du bist nicht der letzte Gute auf diesem Planeten! 2. Musik kann etwas bewegen und bleibt der direkteste Schlüssel zum Herzen der Menschen. 3. Es gibt noch einen rechten linken Pfad. Man muss ihm nur folgen! Und Johnny Firebird marschieren schon mal mit ohrenbetäubendem Selbstbewusstsein voraus.


released October 19, 2018

Recorded at:
Single-Coil Studios by Flo Speth
Noizebräu Studios by Jürgen Streu

Mastered at:
Oakfield Mastering by Arne Ziemann

All Photos by Geschmacksrichtung Grün
Cover Design by Heike Jörss & Jürgen Streu
Promotion by Noisolution
Booking by Ghost Town Noize Booking
Produced by Jürgen Streu


all rights reserved



Johnny Firebird Regensburg, Germany

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